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On top of all the wheels you see here, we’re also happy to hand-build you a custom set of wheels at any time.  Our wheelbuilder has built hundreds of wheels, and can help you customize your set for weight, durability, bullet-proofness, and even cool-factor.  We’ve done many one-of-a-kind builds and people tend to love them—Check out our customer's testimonials.  Many examples of our builds are on-hand at our retail store, available for test ride on employees’ bikes.  Come check ‘em out!

Hand-built to A-Class specifications, the 350 wheels with SPANK Hex Drive hub is the premium lightweight performance offer from the SPANK wheelhouse and is trusted by pros on the Enduro World Series circuit. - Unique profile with low sectional height & wide width adds radial compliance & lateral stiffness - Improved radial compliance for better traction over bumps & chatter while reducing negative feedback to the rider gives enhanced performance & comfort - 30mm internal width is versatile, fitting tires from 2" to 2.6" and allows plus-size tire use without negative squaring off of tire profiles
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