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These are the fastest road bikes you can get.  Intended for races where it’s you against the clock, you can expect to gain 2-3 mph over the speed of a standard road bike. This type of bike is typically not welcome on group rides and definitely not allowed in mass-start races, but if you’re planning of training for a triathlon or time-trial these bikes will help you up your game.

The fit of these aerodynamic bikes to your body and riding style is extremely important.  An imperfect fit can exhaust you and slow you down.  We are here to help.  We’ll get you dialed in to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Giant Trinity Advanced
Built with Advanced-grade composite materials that are engineered with AeroSystem Shaping Technology, this frameset improves aerodynamics in real-world triathlon conditions. Its AeroSystem Shaping means that every tube shape is designed to minimize drag no matter which direction the wind is blowing. The Contact base bar offers maximum adjustability, so you can dial in your perfect position for comfort and performance. And the SpeedControl brakes offer confident control without sacrificing aerodynamics.
Cannondale SuperSlice RED eTap
$6,499.00 $10,500.00 38% Off
Savagely fast, beautifully simple and intelligently progressive, the SuperSlice is the weapon of choice for time-trial specialists and triathletes who want hyper-integrated speed, without all the fuss. Simple, clean and elegant design provides incredible aerodynamics, minimizing drag at the all-important low yaw angles where riders spend the bulk of their time. An unusually wide range of easy-to-use fit adjustments lets you perfectly tailor your position for an aggressive fit and low (did someone say aero?) front end. Exceptionally stiff BB and head tube provide blistering acceleration and, aided by the relatively slack 71.5° head angle, offer rock-solid, drama-free handling in any situation. Full-length cable housing, easy-to-adjust disc brakes, integrated electronic shifting compatibility and easy-access covers on the stem and headtube make travel, set-up and maintenance much easier than other TT rigs.
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