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These are the fastest road bikes you can get.  Intended for races where it’s you against the clock, you can expect to gain 2-3 mph over the speed of a standard road bike. This type of bike is typically not welcome on group rides and definitely not allowed in mass-start races, but if you’re planning of training for a triathlon or time-trial these bikes will help you up your game.

The fit of these aerodynamic bikes to your body and riding style is extremely important.  An imperfect fit can exhaust you and slow you down.  We are here to help.  We’ll get you dialed in to be as fast and efficient as possible.

Liv Avow Advanced
PERFECT FIT, EASE OF ADJUSTMENT AND AERODYNAMICS CREATE AN UNSTOPPABLE TRIFECTA IN THE WORLD’S FIRST TRULY WOMEN’S-SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE TRIATHLON BIKE. KEY PERFORMANCE FACTORS Designed for Women Built with Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy for a frame geometry and composite layup that strategically leverages key muscle groups. Comfortable A tri bike that is actually comfortable in an aero position and offers versatile body positioning options. Aerodynamic Aero design that maximizes a woman’s power for performance and speed. WHY WE LOVE IT The lightweight frame is handcrafted using AeroSystem Shaping Technology and features an Advanced-Grade Composite layup tuned for the female rider. Engineered using Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, the Avow Advanced is a performance machine, with comfortable touch points and versatile positioning that allow you to ride longer with ease. With an aerodynamic wheel set, handlebars and saddle, the Avow Advanced is choice for the high-performance triathlete. Avow Advanced uses the latest aerodynamic and fit technologies to create a truly women’s specific performance triathlon bike that is designed to put speed into the perfect fit.
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